Portsmouth Master Gardeners

Portsmouth Master Gardener Classes

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Portsmouth Master Gardener. The 2017 class is filled. We will announce here when we are recruiting for the next class.


Master Gardeners are volunteer educators who assist Cooperative Extension Agents in disseminating evidence-based horticultural information to members of their communities.


Master Gardener Trainees complete 50+ hours of classroom instruction in subjects such as basic botany; soils & fertilizers; plant propagation; diagnosing plant damage; pesticide use & safety; trees & shrubs; lawn & turf management; pruning; landscape design; water quality; and organic practices.


After classroom instruction has been satisfactorily completed, the trainee becomes a Master Gardener Intern. Interns are required to volunteer an additional 50 hours during their first year before becoming an official VCE Master Gardener. Active Master Gardeners must receive an additional 8 hours of advanced training and volunteer at least 20 hours each year to remain a VCE Master Gardener.


If you have questions, contact Cyndi Wyskiewicz, Horticulture Extension Agent, at 757-393-5314 or Cyndiw@vt.edu.